Content Creation

What kind of content are your customers interested in? Do your existing and new customers know your company, your products, services and people well enough?

Do you have enough time to provide interesting content to your customers and  communicate about your company? Would it make sense to acquire a partner in content creation for your website and social media channels and outsource the content production either partially or completely?

We offer solutions for content creation:

  • Content Plan – we build a strategy and plan for content creation together with the customer
  • Content Action – we help to get started in putting the plan in action
  • Content Total – we help to take care of the content creation as planned

We develop and build new digital products in co-operation with our partners. Our latest product is the ETYPE Publishing Platform, which makes it easy for book publishers and other companies to publish books, magazines and brochures etc. either as digital flipbooks or as enriched interactive publications.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn… Do you have the time to create new content and keep your social media channels up to date? Are your customers able to find interesting new information about your company, products, services and people in the right social media channels for them?

Would it help if you had a partner to plan and execute the social media strategy with?  We offer several service packages to help you to make your social media presence better:

  • Social Media Plan – we help you to build a strategy and plan for your social media presence
  • Social Media Action – we help you to get started in putting the plan in action using all the selected social media channels
  • Social Media Total – we take care of updating your social media channels according to the plan

Communication Services

Do you need to plan or renew the communication practices for your company? Or do you need help in some area of communications?

In addition to our service packages for content creation and social media we can help you with many kinds of communication needs:

  • Communications planning and implementation
  • Company communication strategy and planning
  • Communication plans for campaigns and projects
  • Newspaper and magazine articles and case studies, blogs, newsletters and press releases
  • Texts, photographs and videos for your website, social media channels and print media
  • Books
  •  Communications training for your employees
  • eLearning courses for your customers and employees